DIY Geocache #Trickkiste

Mal wieder eine geile Geocacher Trick Kiste selber bauen. Geht eigendlich ganz einfach. Hier eine Variante aus Holz. Zum Öffnen braucht man eine Weile aber...

DIY Geocache # Label with Fotopotch

How to label a geocache or a shield? With Fotopotch you can even inscribe wooden walls and cracked trees. Have fun watching and geocaching Mixi

DIY Geocache #Evil Tree Stump

How do you turn a simple piece of timber, a very bad Muggle safe Geocache. In this video I show how I build my Geocache...

DIY Geocache #Wood Cube Puzzle

Building a family geocache for you. From a retrieval rod easily saw off a pair of dice and the fun get going. when the puzzle...

DIY Geocache #The Fishing Cache

How to fish a geocache? Here are the instructions how to easily create a geocache interesting building with a high fun factor. Let’s go, this...

DIY Geocache #Mirror Box

A new creative Geocache of Mixi. This time it comes to a mirror box which you can build yourself for little money. This requires a...

DIY Geocache #Toothpick Cache

A Geocache with BYOT? (Bring your own toothpick) here a guide for easy tradie with Mysterie share. Enjoy reverse engineering of geocaches and geocaching. Mixi

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